Today, innovation is the most important way for companies to accelerate change in the current digital, global world.

ExperienceInnovationTM | Aware is a highly active, engaging program that allows you to practice the habits of highly innovative people in only 90 minutes. It can be delivered at a conference or event for 50 to 500+ participants.



- Overview -

90 minute Session
Available for 50 to 500+ people


- How To Use It -

Alternative Keynote
Sales Training
Cultural Initiative
Session Kickoff

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Unlike traditional programs, participants use their phones, tablets or laptops!! During this mobile-enabled experience, you will be exposed to radical collaboration, feedback, brainstorming and finding new solutions in a way that is imaginative, inspiring and easy to implement.

Our global network of 700+ facilitators allows us to scale with your conferences’ need for coverage, expertise and cultural integration.

We integrate seamlessly with the topic of your conference. The skills and behaviors that participants learn from our program can be applied to nearly any topic. From strategy and operations to idea generation and collaboration, we can ensure the program and debrief is relevant to your audience.


The session was rapid, engaging and effective. I know everybody in the room got a clear sense of the value of design thinking and of the key mechanics of the process.


Nelson McKey
(Former) Design Lead, AIA Edge Innovation Team

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