Navigate turbulent times with our live, virtual workshops in innovation and change

Innovation and change can't wait.

Now, more than ever, organizations have a pressing need for inventiveness and transformation. Human-centered approaches to innovation and change can catalyze and accelerate this transformation so you can drive immediate business impact.

Whether you are looking to bring innovation and change capabilities to your leaders, teams, business units or the entire enterprise, we have live, virtual workshops to meet your business needs.


Learn the essentials of human-centered design.

Virtual teams gain an understanding of and practical skills to immediately apply the powerful practice of human-centered design to complex problem-solving and innovation challenges. This two-hour workshop is guided by a proprietary technology simulation and delivered by an ExperiencePoint facilitator via a video conferencing platform. Available for 10 to 40 participants, or get in touch about accommodating larger groups.

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Get immersed in the practice of human-centered thinking.

Participants are guided through the essentials of a typical four-month innovation project with our highly engaging, proprietary technology simulation, giving them a safe space and structured method to practice human-centered thinking. Participants leave our workshop able to immediately tackle their organization’s own innovation challenges. Delivered by an ExperiencePoint facilitator, via a video conferencing platform, and in a range of modules to meet your business needs. Available for 10 to 36 participants, or get in touch to discuss accommodating larger groups.


Kickstart and accelerate an innovation project to drive business impact.

Begin and advance your journey of problem-solving and experimentation, so you can accelerate innovation and business results today. Delivered via a video conferencing platform, by an ExperiencePoint facilitator, our live, virtual sprint uses human-centered design to create new or improved products, services and business models. Unlike traditional sprints, that can span weeks, ExperienceInnovation™ | Impact has a variety of condensed formats to choose from, so you can generate immediate results. Teams of 10 to 50 participants collaborate in real-time and capture the entire sprint using a digital collaboration platform.



Reinforce innovation training and its daily practice.

Propel and fortify your ExperiencePoint workshop learnings to ensure that human-centered thinking is continually reinforced and applied throughout your organization. With a series of eight, 15-minute live, digital and interactive episodes, Spark by ExperiencePoint™ offers tools and methods designed to help every member of your organization repeatedly and effectively apply innovation tools and methods to everyday work. Episodes are live and delivered by an ExperiencePoint facilitator via a video conferencing platform.


Turn your ideas into impact.

ExperienceChange™ Virtual prepares individuals and teams to lead their people through change in a time of unprecedented disruption and transformation. In this live, virtual and expert-guided workshop, participants tackle a realistic change project and engage with the behaviors, tools and skills that make change happen. Participants leave with a process, practice and confidence to lead change and drive impact in their organization. ExperienceChange™ Virtual consists of three, 90-minute modules, delivered by an ExperiencePoint facilitator, via a video conferencing platform. Available for 10 to 50 participants, or get in touch to discuss accommodating larger groups.


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