Human-Centered Thinking in Action

Human-centered thinking, commonly referred to as design thinking, is skyrocketing in popularity. In the past decade, the approach has been adopted by a growing number of organizations across increasingly diverse industries. Even in the midst of an unprecedented global event, the most successful companies know that innovation can’t wait.

In ExperiencePoint’s eBook Human-Centered Thinking in Action, we explore how this popular innovation approach can empower your company to excel at a time of major change.

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  • The business world's response to the global pandemic through a HCT perspective

  • Concrete examples of HCT in powerful action, the impact of this
    well-proven method and the dynamic ideas and solutions
    it produces

  • How different organizations spanning various industries are using HCT to propel them toward change-adept and resilient futures in which people and organizations can pivot, innovate and thrive

Why should organizations adopt a human-centered way of thinking?
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