Virtual Change Leadership Workshop

ExperienceChange_Virtual_full              Realize the full potential of your new initiatives and drive impact.

The unprecedented events of today have irrevocably changed the way businesses compete. Organizational agility is more critical than ever. A strategic and clear approach to change successfully engages and aligns company stakeholders around new ways of doing things, so you can help build a culture of execution and drive impact.

ExperienceChange™ Virtual prepares individuals and teams to lead their people through change in a time of historical business disruption and transformation.


In this live, virtual and expert-guided workshop, participants tackle a realistic change project and engage with the behaviors, tools and skills that make change happen.

With hands-on practice, a highly-engaging and digitally-driven experience and expert guidance from an ExperiencePoint facilitator, participants learn both what to do and how to lead so that people accept, adopt, develop and maintain change.

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Workshop Dates and Format

A detailed agenda will be provided upon registration
Day One
Monday, July 20, 2020, 1-3pm ET

  • Introduction to Change
    The case for change
  • Stakeholder Interviews
    Situation analysis with stakeholders

  • Force Field Analysis and Debrief
    Identify the forces helping and hindering change

Day Two
Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 1-3pm ET
  • Best Practices in Change
    Change models, concepts and the psychology of change explored through personal stories
  • Build a Roadmap
    Review tactics to build a change plan
Day Three
Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 1-3pm ET

  • Implementation
    Teams implement plans and receive feedback
  • Key Concepts Debrief
    Teams discuss simulation outcomes and make personal
    commitments for their own work

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the need for and the impact of change on your innovation and transformation initiatives.
  • Learn a process and common language around change and the role leaders and managers play in helping accelerate and realize the full potential of company ideas, strategies, and initiatives.
  • Understand how to successfully engage, align and lead company stakeholders around new ways of doing things.
  • Leave the workshop with a process, the practice and confidence to lead change in your organization immediately, so you can drive impact.

Workshop Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites — beginners and seasoned change leaders alike
can manage successful change initiatives with this simulation.

Join a community of world-class brands. 

When you take our workshops, you learn the ExperiencePoint Method, used by the world's most successful companies.


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The ExperiencePoint Difference


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ExperiencePoint is the world’s leading innovation training company and the exclusive learning and development partner of IDEO, the preeminent global design consultancy. Our live or virtual, digitally-driven workshops offer one-of-a-kind simulations in human-centered thinking, immersing companies in an approach that puts people, and their needs, at the heart of everything they do. We’ve spent the past 25 years helping organizations rethink conventions and drive impact.

The ExperiencePoint Training Method maximizes your innovation impact by building human-centered capabilities directly into your organization’s core. We’re not here to fix your innovation challenge for you; instead, we transfer our proven expertise without creating dependencies, empowering your people to be innovation geniuses and drive company-wide impact.

Meet Your Instructors



Rick Menchaca

Rick Menchaca is a Master Facilitator at ExperiencePoint, focused on delivering value-creation, capability building, and cultural impact with its clients.

Prior to starting at ExperiencePoint, Rick founded and led an innovation and consulting program at Dell. For 5 years, he led trainings, projects, and teams across Dell and with its top industry technology providers and supply chain partners to solve complex, global, and cross-functional challenges.

Highlights of that work include generating $120mm in cost transformation savings for Dell’s enterprise business, and identifying and implementing over $520mm in procurement synergy savings after Dell merged with EMC.

Before Dell, Rick ran an independent sourcing company based in Shanghai, China. He graduated from Harvard University in 2010, where he received a Language Citation in Mandarin Chinese.

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

Vishal (1)

Vishal Bhatia

As a Master Facilitator with ExperiencePoint, Vishal delivers transformational workshops on change and innovation, and leverages his extensive experience in those areas to facilitate impactful learning for clients.

Vishal is the co-founder of OfficialCOMMUNITY, a 20-year old industry-changing company that innovates and manages the businesses of top music artists. Vishal has also worked at the Wharton business school, where he engineered the transformation of MBA experience, instructed in Executive Education, and co-authored a book on high-performing teams. His lifelong passion for discovering the dots that connect everything, coupled with his belief that experience is the best teacher, has led him to work and experiment in diverse environments from military, sports, government and tech to music, academia and early childhood education.

Outside of ExperiencePoint, Vishal volunteers with children and strives to keep his squash and sign language skills from fading. Vishal has lived and worked in India, Canada, UK and the US. He has a Bachelors in Physics, a Masters in Business, and is an ICF-certified executive coach.

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