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Your surveys say your leaders need to be more innovative and now, more than ever, innovation can't wait.

Leaders can't rely on the same thinking, structures and processes to successfully overcome the challenges of a disrupted world. Innovation requires a bold new way of thinking and doing.

Our new live, virtual and hands-on leadership workshop, ExperienceInnovationTM | Lead, closes the gap between the aspirations of leaders to innovate and their ability to successfully execute on it.

In less than one day, leaders will learn the mindsets, skills and processes needed to catalyze, champion, propel and maintain a culture of innovation to drive enduring business impact.

Transform your emerging and experienced executives into capable and confident complex problem-solvers and imaginative leaders.


ExperienceInnovationTM | Lead is a set of live, in-person or virtual and complementary workshops focused on the role of leaders in propelling and fostering agile innovation in their organization.

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Workshop Dates and Format

A detailed agenda will be provided upon registration

Mindsets | 1.5 hours
Explore the five mindsets of great innovation leaders and gain best practices to enhance your work.

Skills | 1.5 hours
Gain experience with key techniques for supporting innovation and immediately apply them to your own projects.

Mindsets + Skills | 3 hours
Our mindsets and skills workshops are delivered together.


Day One: The Five Mindsets of Innovative Leaders
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 1-2:30 pm ET
  • Introduction and case for innovation
  • The five mindsets of innovative leaders
  • Speed meetings
Day Two: Leadership Skills to Encourage Innovators
Friday, June 26, 2020, 1-2:30 ET
  • Introduction
  • Setting direction
  • Providing support
  • Workshop wrap

Learning Outcomes

Learn the role of a leader in creating and maintaining a culture of innovation

The five mindsets and key skills that every innovative leader must have and compelling examples of how they manifest in real innovation work

Guided and hands-on practice with the process, tools and techniques of human-centered design

Workshop Prerequisites

Any leader, regardless of their function or industry, can successfully
lead through innovation and transformation.

Join a community of world-class innovators. 

When you take our innovation workshop, you learn the ExperiencePoint Method, used by the world's most innovative companies.


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The Human-Centered Approach to Innovation

Human-Centered Thinking (HCT) redefines innovation as a scaleable and repeatable process. Breakthrough ideas might occasionally strike like lightning, but sporadic genius is difficult to leverage as a reliable business model. HCT demystifies innovation by making it less about random inspiration and more about focused inquiry. By reframing a problem or challenge from a real person's perspective, HCT sets you up to find innovative solutions that genuinely address their needs.

Learn more about a human-centered approach to innovation


The ExperiencePoint Difference


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ExperiencePoint is the world’s leading innovation training company and the exclusive learning and development partner of IDEO, the preeminent global design consultancy. Our live or virtual, digitally-driven workshops offer one-of-a-kind simulations in human-centered thinking, immersing companies in an approach that puts people, and their needs, at the heart of everything they do. We’ve spent the past 25 years helping organizations rethink conventions and drive impact.

The ExperiencePoint Training Method maximizes your innovation impact by building human-centered capabilities directly into your organization’s core. We’re not here to fix your innovation challenge for you; instead, we transfer our proven expertise without creating dependencies, empowering your people to be innovation geniuses and drive company-wide impact.

Meet Your Instructor



Keith Laplante
Master Facilitator at ExperiencePoint

Energetic and engaging, Keith has over 20 years of combined experience as a consultant and Regional Vice President at TD Bank. In addition to facilitating ExperiencePoint’s workshops within technology, banking, retail, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged-goods sectors, Keith is also responsible for the development and training of ExperiencePoint’s select training partners. 

Keith holds an MBA from Dalhousie University, a BA from Trent University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Originally from Montreal, Keith currently resides north of Toronto with his wife Deb and their dog Oliver.

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